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UCL Research Ethics Committee


Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates

PLEASE NOTE: There will be an extremely limited research ethics service for the processing of minimal risk Chair's review applications for three weeks in the Summer from 24th July – 11th August so allow extra time for your application to be reviewed or submit your application early to avoid a delay.

Applications can be submitted for full committee review or can be recommended by the researcher’s Head of Department for expedited review by the Chair of the Committee (see A5 of the application form) based on the criteria of minimal risk as defined in the Committee’s terms of reference.

Chair’s Review

Please note that applications for Chair's review are dealt with on an ad hoc basis and can therefore be submitted at any time. The Chair will endeavour to convey a decision to the applicant within 2 weeks of application submission. However, please allow extra time for your application to be reviewed if you are submitting in April and December given that the college is closed for extra days over the Easter and Christmas breaks.

Full Committee Review

The UCL Research Ethics Committee meets ten times a year. Applications for full committee review must be submitted electronically in time for the deadlines listed above if they are to be reviewed at that month's meeting. Your application will need to be submitted as a single pdf document which contains the electronic signatures of both the Principal Researcher and Head of Department and includes any supporting documentation, all in one file. Applications will be accepted until 17:00 on the day of the deadline. The Committee will endeavour to convey decisions to the applicant within a week of the meeting unless there are queries to be made of the applicant, or a need for an outside opinion.

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