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UCL Research Ethics Committee


Application Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Ethics applications can be submitted for (a) full committee review or for review by the (b) Chair of the Committee based on the criteria of minimal risk e.g. it is a research study not involving vulnerable groups, intrusive interventions [including MRI], sensitive topics and deception.

Chair’s Review

Our new ‘low risk’ application form should be completed. Chair's review applications are dealt with on an ad hoc basis and can therefore be submitted at any time. The Chair will endeavour to convey a decision to the applicant within 2 weeks of application submission.

Full Committee Review

The UCL Research Ethics Committee meets ten times a year according to the publicised schedule below. Applications will be accepted until 17:00 on the day of the deadline. The Committee will endeavour to convey decisions to the applicant within a week of the meeting unless there are queries to be made of the applicant, or a need for an outside opinion.

Data Protection Registration

If you are proposing to collect personal data i.e. data from which a living individual can be identified you must be registered with the UCL Data Protection Officer before you submit your ethics application for review. If the Data Protection Officer advises you to make changes to the way in which you propose to collect and store the data this should be reflected in your ethics application form. We will be unable to accept an ethics application which does not contain your Data Protection Registration number in Section A2 of your application so you will need to plan ahead. For further information visit the → Research Activities website.

Deadlines have been provided below for submitting your data protection registration form in advance of the deadline for submitting your ethics application for full committee review for that month's meeting. For those applying for Chair's review given that there are no submission deadlines as the applications are reviewed by the REC Chair on an ad hoc basis you will need to allow 10 days for the processing of your Data Protection Registration Form following which you can submit your ethics application form for review.

Data Protection Registration Deadline
(if required)
Application Deadline
Meeting Date
Fri 15 December *)Mon 8 January 2018Mon 22 January 2018
Mon 15 JanuaryMon 29 JanuaryMon 19 February
Fri 9 FebruaryFri 23 FebruaryMon 12 March
Fri 2 MarchFri 16 March **)Mon 23 April
Fri 13 AprilFri 27 AprilMon 14 May
Fri 4 MayFri 18 MayMon 11 June
Mon 4 JuneMon 18 JuneMon 9 July
Mon 20 AugustMon 3 SeptemebrMon 24 September
Mon 17 SeptemebrFri 28 SeptemebrMon 15 October
Mon 22 OctoberMon 5 NovemberMon 26 November

*)  allowing for college closure days
**) allowing for Easter closure days

Application Submission

All applications for ethics review must be submitted electronically. Your application will need to be submitted as a single pdf document which contains the electronic signatures of both the Principal Researcher and Head of Department and includes any supporting documentation, all in one file.

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