UCL Research Ethics Committee


Within the definition of research, the following are not considered to be 'research' and would be exempt:

The NHS Ethics Review Procedure (i.e. the National Research Ethics Service – NRES) distinguishes research from audit and service evaluation in a decision toolkit available at the → NHS Health Research Authority website

In accordance with the following criteria, Department Heads have final judgement as to whether a particular activity should be exempt from the requirement for approval by the UCL Ethics Committee. But note that the exemptions below do not apply to research involving vulnerable participant. For example children and young people, those with a learning disability or cognitive impairment or individuals in a dependent or unequal relationship.

The following types of research do not require ethical approval through the UCL REC unless approval is specifically required by an external funding body or other external body.

Exemption from approval by the UCL Ethics Committee DOES NOT IMPLY that the research is also exempt from registration with the UCL Data Protection Officer. If you are in doubt about Data Protection requirements, please consult the → UCL Legal Services for further information.