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UCL Research Ethics Committee


Codes of Conduct

All UCL staff and students engaged in research must work with reference to a nationally recognised professional code of conduct suitable for their research specialism. Relevant organisations might include the following.

Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK & the Commonwealth
– Ethical guidelines providing a practical framework for Social Anthropologists to make informed decisions about their own behaviour and involvement, and to help them communicate their professional positions more clearly to the other parties involved in or affected by their research activities.

American Anthropological Association
– American Anthropological Association statement on ethics approval for anthropological research.

American Statistical Association
– The site presents Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice prepared by the Committee on Professional Ethics of the American Statistical Association (1999).

The British Association for Applied Linguistics

The British Society of Criminology

British Educational Research Association (BERA)
– Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research.

British Psychological Society
– Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Psychologists as part of the British Psychological Society Members Code of Conduct (PDF format).

British Sociological Association
– British Sociological Association (2002) Statement of Ethical Practice (see also sections on Non-sexist, Non-racist and Non-disablist language).

The Cabinet Office

British Society of Gerontology
– BSG guidelines on ethical research with human participants

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
– Framework for Research Ethics.

NEW: Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings

The Market Research Society (MRS)
– Conduct of Conduct and related guidelines.

National Children's Bureau

Political Studies Association
– The ethics of political communication (PDF).

Royal Geographical Society

Social Research Association
– Social Research Association Ethical Guidelines.

Health Research Authority (HRA)

Nuffield Council on Bioethics

US Department of Homeland Security
‘Menlo Report: Ethical Principles Guiding Information and Communication Technology Research’

– A framework for ethical guidelines for computer and information security research, based on the principles set forth in the 1979 Belmont Report.

World Medical Association (WMA)
– Declaration of Helsinki

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