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UCL Research Ethics Committee


Members of the UCL Research Ethics Committee

Joint Chairs

Professor Lynn Ang
Learning and Leadership
(Institute of Education)

Professor Michael Heinrich
School of Pharmacy
(Faculty of Life Sciences)

UCL Cross Faculty Academic Members

Professor Colm O'Cinneide
(Faculty of Laws)

Dr Adrien Desjardins
Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering
(Faculty of Engineering Sciences)

Professor Caroline Fertleman
Institute of Child Health
(Faculty of Population Health Sciences)

Dr Andrew Flinn
Department of Information Studies
(Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

Division of Psychiatry
(Faculty of Brain Sciences)

Ms Michelle Shipworth *
UCL Energy Institute
(Faculty of Built Environment)

Professor Sara Randall
Department of Anthropology
(Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences)

Dr James Fullerton
Division of Medicine
(Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Department of Science and Technology Studies
(Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Lay Members

The Reverend Charlotte Bradley
Dr Mary-Anne Enoch
Ms Jennifer Leigh Mitchell
Mr James Saunders

Co-opted Member

Mr Matt Sydes
MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

*) Ms Michelle Shipworth from the Bartlett Energy Institute will be replacing Professor Mike Raco as an interim arrangement.


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